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WMV Cutter for Mac

WMV cutter for Mac is a dedicated WMV cutting utility which helps to trim one big WMV file into multiple video segments quickly and efficiently. This software adopt advanced re-encode cutting mode which really does a great job in keeping original video/audio quality.  Besides, WMV cutter for Mac can accomplish cutting project with fast speed. So the wmv cutter on Mac is really the right solution for those have plenty of splitting work to do. It can help you cut WMV files into various small clips with a few clicks.

Interface of WMV Cutter for Mac

Here we will share with you how to use this wonderful cutting tool to cut a large WMV file into several segments quickly.
Firstly, before you start your cutting work, you should download our Mac WMV cutter and then install following the instructions.
Secondly, drag and drop one WMV files. A built-in video player can be used to preview the video file.
Thirdly, define the start point and end point of a clip and then a window with parameters options will pop up. For further details, you can refer to "advance".
Tips: you can mark more different segments as many as you click.
Lastly, it is time to cut the video by clicking "Ok" .After all steps above are processed by using our wmv cutter for Mac. With several minutes, you will get the clips that you like.
Only four steps, you can get your favorite WMV clips with very good video/audio quality. What a powerful WMV cutter for Mac users.