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WAV Cutter for Mac

WAV cutter for Mac offers a range of practical and powerful features for cutting wav files to some video clips on Mac easily and efficiently. Wav cutter is especially designed to cut one large wav file into various wav pieces as many as you want for Mac users.

This fabulous and dedicated Mac wav cutter can complete cutting super large wav file within several minutes and enables you to enjoy excellent wav video experience with no quality lost.

The below is a brief tutorial for how to use our Mac WAV Cutter to split wav file on Mac.
1. Free download Mac wav video cutter and launch it to prepare for cutting project .

2. Import wav file with dragging and dropping file on Mac.
3. Play the file in video player embedded in wav cutter for Mac and mark duration of each clip by setting start and end time.
"Selection" list displays number and duration of video clips.
4. Click "Start" and you can adjust profile parameters about video (codec, bit rate frame rate, frame size) and audio (codec, bit rate, sample rate, channel) in "advance" window on our Mac wav cutter.
5. After finish setting, the cutting process will start with only one click. In a flash, you can get wav segments you chose.
What a wonderful wav cutter for Mac! If you haven't downloaded a wav cutter on your Mac, please don't miss this fabulous Mac wav cutter.