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RM Cutter for Mac

How to cut a RM file into multiple small clips with RM cutter for Mac

It is very easy to run our Mac RM cutter to cut RM files. With only four steps, you can get RM segments as many as you like.


Step-by-Step Tutorial
Step 1. Download and install
Free download and follow the instructions to install the software on your computer. Run the program.

Screenshot of RM Cutter for Mac

Step 2. Import Source Video
Drag the RM file you want to cut and drop into the video cutter. It can split normal video files that can't be played on Mac OS X.
Step 3. Set Start Time and End Time
Preview the video file with built-in video player and catch the wonderful moment you like by setting Start Time and End Time. Then the clip you've marked will be displayed on the list on the Mac rm cutter.
Tips: As this rm cutter on Mac can split an unlimited number of segments at a time, so you can label more than one clip in one source file.
Optional: If want to minimally adjust the time setting, you can use to move 200 msec backward and to move 200 msec forward. For instance, if you set Start Time at 00:00:19:341, select the relevant pointer on the progress bar, and then press to make it 00:00:18:141 or press to make it 00:00:18:541.
In addition, you can edit start time and end time manually in the digital style with our Mac rm cutter.
Step 4. Start Splitting
If all the steps above are finished, Press Start Button , and a window will be shown
Now you customized the name, the format, and the destination of the output file on rm cutter for Mac. Press OK to start.
In a few minutes, the RM segments will be saved in the destination folder.