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RA Cutter for Mac

RA Cutter for Mac is a powerful cutting utility on Mac by which you can cut one big RA file to multiple small video clips easily and quickly. This unique Mac RA cutter features with user-friendly interface, unbelievable cutting speed and perfect audio quality.

Additionally, various options about profile settings such as codec, frame rate, sample rate and channel allow you to choose flexibly. Powerful function buttons for mini-player built in the RA audio cutter is another practical feature of it. At below, we will show you how to use our RA Cutter to cut RA files on Mac.

Screenshot of RA Cutter for Mac

Only three steps are required to cut RA using our audio RA Cutter for Mac.
1: Add RA file
Drag an RA file and drop into our Mac RA Cutter.
2: Decide duration of video clips.
Play the RA file with our built-in video player and define start point (marked with blue tag) and end point (marked with red tag) as you want.
Now the RA segment you want to cut down is selected.
Tips: Define start point and end point of each clip respectively, you can choose any clips as many as you like.
3: Cut video selection
All the RA clips you want to cut at with our RA audio cutter on Mac are shown the selection list on the right windows of RA Cutter.
Then click the Start button to start video cutting process.
By our RA cutter, you can get any RA clips that you want on Mac within one minute.