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OGG Cutter for Mac

OGG Cutter for Mac can help cut one large OGG file into several video segments on Mac without video/audio quality loss.
Advanced re-encode cutting technique enables you to finish cutting project in a flash with our Mac cutter.

Various OGG clips of the same or different duration can be accessed to with only one click with this fabulous OGG audio cutter for Mac.
Refer to how to use our OGG Cutter on Mac to cut one big OGG file into several OGG clips, please read the following guide carefully.
Screenshot of OGG Cutter for Mac
There're three major steps to cut a video with Mac OGG Cutter.
Step 1: Add video file
Drag and drop an OGG file you want to cut with the dedicated OGG cutter for Mac.
Step 2: Set start-point and end-point for video cutting.
Move the slider to select the start-point, and click the Set Start Point button to fix the start point of the video clip, (you will see a blue mark on the bar).
And then set the end point by clicking the Set End Point button after you adjust the slider (you can see an orange mark on the bar).
Now the OGG segment you want to cut at is selected by using the Mac ogg cutter.
Step 3: Cut video selection
If you need to two or more OGG segments, you will find that a new segment is added to the selection list on the right windows of OGG Cutter for Mac.
Then click the Start button to start video cutting process.