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AC3 Cutter for Mac

AC3 Cutter for Mac is a simple cutting tool which is specially created to cut AC3 files into smaller AC3 clips directly with re-encoding process on Mac.

As we all know, AC-3 is the sound format for digital television, digital versatile discs, high definition television, and digital cable and satellite transmissions. AC-3 is a perceptual digital audio coding technique that reduces the amount of data needed to produce high-quality sound.

Mac AC3 sound Cutter is the just product for AC3 files on Mac.

Interface of AC3 Cutter for Mac

Software review
Friendly and easy-to-use interface is very helpful to run Mac AC3 cutter.
By marking the start and end positions, which is accurate to second, you can split video files exactly as you need.
Our audio cutter for AC3 on Mac supports only playing selected clip.
Mac AC3 cutter offers a better solution for cutting files that are greater than 2 GB.
Cut video file quickly but with no quality lost with our AC3 audio cutter for Mac.
It is very easy to use AC3 audio cutter for Mac.
Other essential features of Mac AC3 audio Cutter
Preview with video player built in Mac AC3 cutter prior to cutting.
You can tweak some configurations to achieve high video quality on Mac with this AC3 cutter.
You can edit clip video's duration manually by AC3 cutter for Mac.
Marking more than one clip in a video file is supported at the same time by this wonderful Mac AC3 cutter.