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3G2 Cutter for Mac

3G2 Cutter for Mac is a very easy-to-use video cutter running on Mac OS. This Mac 3G2 cutter can be used to split, cut or trim one large 3G2 file into various smaller 3G2 video clips on Mac.

There is a built-in video player in our Mac 3G2 cutter. With this powerful player, you can preview 3G2 files. By marking the start point and end point, you can accurately capture the wonderful moment you like by our Mac 3G2 video cutter.

Interface of 3G2 Cutter for Mac
Are you interested in our 3G2 cutter for Mac? Do you want to know how to cut one big 3G2 file into multiple 3G2 segments with this wonderful Mac 3G2 cutter?
Firstly, before you cut 3G2 file on Mac, you should download our Mac 3G2 cutter and install it on your PC.
Secondly, import one large 3G2 file by dragging and dropping. The built-in video player can be used to preview.
Thirdly, define the start point and end point of a clip while previewing the file. 3G2 video cutter for Mac also supports cutting more than one clip at one time.
Fourthly, a window with parameters options will pop up. For further details and more options about 3G2, you can refer to "advance".
Lastly, you can click " Start " to cut the 3G2 file with Mac 3G2 cutter. With several minutes, you will get the clips that you like.

Isn't easy to use our 3G2 video cutter for Mac? Only four steps, you can get your favorite 3G2 clips with very good video/audio quality. What a powerful 3G2 cutter for Mac users.
System requirements
This software works perfect under Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6).